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FLT 3000 HP 9000

Saneesh S

FLT 3000 HP 9000

Hi All,

After hard booting one of my D Class Server (D220) I am getting FLT 3000 error.It is not going ahead at all. Any idea what will be the prbable cause ? It is quite urgent. Can anyone help me out ? Those who are giving proper answer will be rewarded in terms of points.

Saneesh S.
Robert-Jan Goossens
Honored Contributor

Re: FLT 3000 HP 9000


FLT 3x00 FEPROM checksum failure

Check this link

Call HP support for a spare systemboard.

Hope this helps,

Devender Khatana
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Re: FLT 3000 HP 9000


This is a common problem and I also faced it in a R-class. The solution here also was replacing the CPU card.

Call support for same if you have one.

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Raj D.
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Re: FLT 3000 HP 9000

Hi Saneesh ,

FLT 3000 is a hardware error and related to , Processor dependant hardware error ,

You can call HP support to get into more deails.

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Alessandro Pilati
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Re: FLT 3000 HP 9000

I fear that the olympic hint of Robert is true. I had the same problem 1 year ago and I had to change the CPU card.

Take this link for the D and R class Enterprise Servers


Good luck
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Re: FLT 3000 HP 9000

Hi Saneesh,

3xxx code is related to processor related hardware. So most probably you can check the processor card. Try refixing the card first. Check for any losse connections between the processor card and back plane.

CSG Office
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Re: FLT 3000 HP 9000


I just had the same thing happen on my HP 9000 class server. It was FLT 3000 - Sys Bd. The first thing you should try is reseating the system board, memory and all other connected cards. If it is still giving the error, it is probably the system's main board.