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FLT 7F04 on HP D380

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FLT 7F04 on HP D380

Hi all,

Anyone can share the HP D/R class service manual / Front Panel LCD error code documentation. My friend is getting and error as mentioned in the subject line.

harry d brown jr
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Re: FLT 7F04 on HP D380

FLT 7Fxy x = memory carrier card number, y = SIMM pair number

from: http://forums1.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/getattachment.do?attachmentId=14103&ext=.html

live free or die
harry d brown jr
Live Free or Die
Peter Godron
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Re: FLT 7F04 on HP D380

could not find the proper HP doc so far:
1xxx CPU and logic boards
2xxx Cache
3xxx Processor dependent hardware
4xxx Floating Point coprocessor
5xxx Bus
6xxx Stable store, rom and eprom
7xxx RAM cards
8xxx I/O devices
9xxx Console
Axxx Boot device
Bxxx Kernel panic
Cxxx System initialization
CB00 Transfer of control by firmware
CEC0 HPUX boot loaded and initializing
CED0 HPUX boot start
CEDE HPUX boot returning to ISL
CEDF HPUX boot launching kernel
CEE0 Kernel loaded and initializing
CEF0 Kernel entered
CEF2 Kernel i/o configuration
CEF4 Kernel mounting root filesystem
CEF6 Kernel starting page-out daemon
CEF8 Kernel starting init daemon
D000 Shutdown begun
D004 Core dump in progress
D400 Shutdown in progress, waiting for buffers to be flushed
DA00 Shutdown completed, disks synchronized

When the system is up and running the display shows the system status as FXFF,
where an F in the first and last position indicate the system is running
normally. The second digit is updated every 5 seconds with the length of
the run queue. This is the reading at the time of the update, not an average.
Loads highter than 9 display as the letter A. The third digit is the number
of cpu's online.

For example:

RUN F 0 1 F
\ \ \ \ \_ always F when running normally
\ \ \ \___ Number of processors installed
\ \ \_____ Run queue (# of processes reaady to run)
\ \ (it ranges from '0' to 'A')
\ \______ always F when running HP-UX
\__________ system status ('RUN', 'TEST', 'FAIL',...)

So the problem code would point to a memeory problem.

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Re: FLT 7F04 on HP D380

Cool buddies..!!

Thanks a lot.Peter your reply is really great.