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FLT 8416 error coming in HP Class D 9000

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FLT 8416 error coming in HP Class D 9000


 HP UX 10 server not starting giving error FLT 8416


We have HP Class D 9000 server OS is HPUX 10.  its giving junk character on monitor.


 its giving Test 8416  FLT 8416 .

INIT C440  



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Ganesh Pal

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Re: FLT 8416 error coming in HP Class D 9000

I cannot find any reference to the 8416 code in the D-series service manual.


Since you are getting a fault, there is apparently some component that is failing.


The "INIT C440" is normal and means that the path to the console is being initialized.


Is the system currently up and running?  Does it boot completely?


If HP-UX is running, what does 'ioscan' show?  Are there any components missing that should be there?



Re: FLT 8416 error coming in HP Class D 9000

Wow - ancient history!


The "INIT C440" indicates the system could not initialize the console during boot up. This can happen if the terminal itself is in an incorrect mode or for other reasons.


Try the following to fix:


1. Reset system console by turning off console.

2. Hold down the 'D' key and continue to hold the key down while powering on the console, wait 10-15 sec, release key and a message should pop up in lower left hand part of screen 'default configs used press return to clear'

3. Press return and wait for console to finish restarting


4. Reboot your server...


*Might* fix it - no guarantees...


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