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Fadia Almarei
Super Advisor


Dear All
i have HP9000 K460 server running HP-UX 11.0 i have the following errors on the console
FLT A088
i see some answers tell that it is an I/O error or due to console,i try to change the console itself but i have the same failt, so kindly advice in what should i do.
Florian Heigl (new acc)
Honored Contributor

Re: FLT A088:FLT 11BF

I'll have this moved to the servers forum, I hope the people there can help You better on diagnosing the error codes.

I can only tell You to call a HP tech :(
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melvyn burnard
Honored Contributor

Re: FLT A088:FLT 11BF

You appear to have a problem with hte console path. If you have changed the physical console, it is time to log a call, as I suspect you have a problem with the core i/o card, or the backplane.
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Fadia Almarei
Super Advisor

Re: FLT A088:FLT 11BF

so how to solve this
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: FLT A088:FLT 11BF

Hi Fadia,

please interrupt the boot process and check the hardware path to your console (this should be something like 10/4/0.0).

You will get a display like this:

(c) Copyright 1990-1998, Hewlett-Packard Company, All rights reserved

Processor Speed State CoProcessor State Cache Size
--------- -------- --------------------- ----------------- ----------

0 120 MHz Active Functional 256 KB
1 120 MHz Idle Functional 256 KB
2 120 MHz Idle Functional 256 KB
3 120 MHz Idle Functional 256 KB

Central Bus Speed (in MHz) : 120
Available Memory (bytes) : 2281701376
Good Memory Required (bytes): 54038528

Primary boot path: 10/0.6 (dec)
Alternate boot path: 10/0.4 (dec)
Console path: 10/4/0.0 (dec)

IMPORTANT ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Keyboard path: 10/12/7.0 (dec)


Hope this helps!

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Alessandro Pilati
Esteemed Contributor

Re: FLT A088:FLT 11BF

Fadia, the following errors:

FLT A088 = No Console Found, Unable to Boot
FLT 11BF = Slave CPU 1 halted due to catastrophic boot failure

Correspond respectively to a fault coreI/O (impossible to boot) and a consequently fault of slave CPU1.

Have you a modem attached? Try to disconnect the modem.

Check if the remote mode of console is turned on (see asterisk in this field).
Then try resetting the console :
power it off,
press and hold 'd' key,
power console on,
wait for beep

Anyway, check at this posted forum:

If you don't get resolution, contact HP.


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