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Firmware revision

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Firmware revision

Hi All

Anybody can explain what are the type of firmaware in HP-PA RISC servers which need a regular update.
And how to find the firm ware versions ?

I am aware about the command "sysrev" from MP login .. but many of my servers not having this command available

even i tryed with "pdcinfo" but i am not able to get the BMC firmware version

Thanks in Advance
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Re: Firmware revision

If you have server not able to run "sysrev" from GSP/MP/iLO they probably don't have a BMC and of course no BMC firmware ;-)

Go to http://www.hp.com/go/bsc select driver and software, select PA-RISC servers and finally select your model.

If you provide the models (run "model"), I'm sure we can help you.

Hope this helps!

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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Firmware revision


The answer to your question varies from server model to server model.

Those with gsp/mp cards, you have the answer.

Take a look at the server documentation in http://docs.hp.com to find more information.

Or post the model number and someone will do it for you.

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Phil uk
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Re: Firmware revision

On the older PA servers you can usually see the version of PDC as soon as the BCH menu comes on after selftest and before you get the 10seconds to interrupt boot.
Andrew Young_2
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Re: Firmware revision


If the server has cstm or mstm installed you can query the CPU info to get the PDC revision number. The PDC is the Processor Dependant Code aka firmware version for that server.

For any more information a model number would be helpful.


Andrew Y
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Re: Firmware revision

You can run the following command to view the firmware of the CPU :


Select Processor for Device Class, then
Select CPU for Qualifier Type.


The infolog output will show you the firmware revision of the CPU in the system.

The list of CPU firmware is available here :

You can download the individual firmware patches here :