HPE 9000 and HPE e3000 Servers
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Firmware versions

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Martin Wells
Frequent Advisor

Firmware versions

Is there anyway to find out the version of firmware we have on all updateable components and what the current versions should be.

Could having old firmware versions have any adverse effects on the server?
Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: Firmware versions


I am sorry, here are no psychics! ;-)

For good answers you will have to provide us with better info.

What plattforms are you using?

Old firmware could prevent you from using new hardware.


Martin Wells
Frequent Advisor

Re: Firmware versions

We are running serveral HP9000 servers mostly L and N class running both HPUX11 and 11i

Is it worth keeping upto date with these versions if we are not adding new hardware?
Cheryl Griffin
Honored Contributor

Re: Firmware versions

With Diagnostics installed you can find the PDC firmware version:
# cstm
cstm> map
Select the device for the cpu (if there are multiple cpu devices, select any of them.)
cstm> sel dev #_from_list
cstm> info
Updating map ....
cstm> il
A few lines down, look for:
PDC Firmware Revision: xx.xx
cstm> q
cstm> quit [ok]
"Downtime is a Crime."
Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: Firmware versions


new os releases also require a minimum firmware release.


Re: Firmware versions

Hi Martin,

So there are a lot of components in L and N-Class servers that have updateable firmware. Generally firmware seems to be released to correct potentially serious issues, for example Hangs, Panics, HPMC's or system aborts. If your systems are used in mission critical applications I would suggest up keep firmware updated whenever possible.

The Subscribers Choice option on the support and drivers page sends me proactive eMail when firmware changes on most of the systems I have (L, A and N-Class, rx5670, rx2600 and rx4640).

Here is the URL:

Here is a list of current PDC firmware on L and N-Class systems.

11.00 swinstall patch PHSS_29934
11.11 swinstall patch PHSS_29935
tape install patch PF_CRHW4401

11.00 swinstall patch PHSS_29940
11.11 swinstall patch PHSS_29941
tape install patch PF_CARIW4343

11.00 swinstall patch PHSS_29938
11.11 swinstall patch PHSS_29939
tape install patch PF_CPIW4343

GSP Firmware
Rev. C for rp2450/2470 PF_CHARGSPC0214
Rev. B L-Class and N-Class PF_CCANGSPB0220
Rev. A for L, A and N-Class PF_CPREGSPA0112

There are also firmware updates for disk drives as well. I would go out and review the release notes associated with the patches and see if you need them.

Hope it helps, Eric