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Firmware versions

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GB Tek
Valued Contributor

Firmware versions

What is the command to retrieve firmware versions on all updatable hardware in a HP box? I tried ioscan but can't retrieve the version info...
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James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Firmware versions

Hi Greg:

Use 'stm'. For the processor firmware version:

# echo "selclass qualifier cpu;info;wait;infolog"|cstm > /tmp/cpuinfo

# grep -i firmware /tmp/cpuinfo


A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Firmware versions

You need to run a varient of STM (Support Tools Manager). If you have 'X' then the easy and convenient way is xstm. mstm is a terminal based version and cstm is comman-line driven.

Man stm for details.

If you have not loaded STM then you will need to use the firmware monitor accessed by interrupting the boot process.
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Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Firmware versions

Note that the online diagnostics are very useful to have on all your machines, if only for the useful information that cstm can produce. The diags are located on your latest SupportPlus CDROM, or if you don't have a SupportPlus subscription, just download the diagnostics bundle (and I would download the hardware and quality-pack bundles too) from the ITRC, specifically:


A couple of additional incantations to provide more information than you thought possible:

For memory information include moduel sizes and open slots:

print "selclass qualifier memory;info;wait;infolog" | /usr/sbin/cstm

For CPU details:

print "selclass qualifier cpu;info;wait;infolog" | /usr/sbin/cstm

For a specific hardware class like disk lan tape:

print "selclass type disk;info;wait;infolog" | /usr/sbin/cstm

And for everything...

print "selclass qualifier all;info;wait;infolog" | /usr/sbin/cstm

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Honored Contributor

Re: Firmware versions

You can run stm-support tool manager.

cstm syntax is as follows-

echo "selclass qualifier cpu;info;wait;infolog"|cstm > /tmp/cpu.log

Check the /tmp/cpu.log

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GB Tek
Valued Contributor

Re: Firmware versions

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