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GSP Console not working via NAT

Mark Gibbons
Occasional Advisor

GSP Console not working via NAT

I have an rp3410 with a GSP console that works fine on it's private network address when accessed from within the customer's network, but when accessed from the BBN Citrix farm via NAT it allows login at the main GSP page but fails when I try to view the remote serial console. The following error is displayed:

Security violation on connection
Unable to check numeric address "10.x.x.x". The 10 address it displays is the correct local address while the address used to access it is the 99.x.x.x NAT address.

Console firmware revision is E.03.15.

Has anyone encountered this before when accessing GSP via a NAT address?
Mel Burslan
Honored Contributor

Re: GSP Console not working via NAT

Since you are talking about private networks vs accessing from the outside, as well as NAT, I am under the impression that there is a firewall that you are crossing. And the security violation message is an indicative of the firewall rules not being properly setup rather than the GSP itself being a problem. As a matter of fact, GSP functioning properly once you are on the private network tells me it is fine.

Also, consider that GSP running from a fixed code from the ROM of the GSP card inside the server, it's abilities for networking is quite limited and it may not jive well with NAT and some other address wrangling.

I think HP9000 server forums is a better suited place for this question as it relates to the hardware rather than the HP-UX OS.

UNIX because I majored in cryptology...
Honored Contributor

Re: GSP Console not working via NAT

Hi Mark,

I guess the Web Console port is not opened in the firewall.
I guess the default port number is 2023. You can check using
MP:CM> LC -nc

Once this port is opened in the firewall, you should be able to use remote serial console.