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GSP Error message

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GSP Error message

Dear All

I am having HP rp-5450 server , server shows attention LEd during shutdown and following error message appears at GSP prompt-

Alert Level 2 = Non-urgent operator attention required
Source:8 = I/O
Source Detail:2 = System bus adapter Source ID:7
Problem Detail:3 = Function Failure
Caller Activity:6 = Machine Check Status:3
Caller Subactivity:34 = implementation dependent
Reporting Entity Type:0 = System firmware Reporting entity ID:00
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Re: GSP Error message


I have not seen the exact error like this before, but let me give it a try...

Chassis code to FRU error code analysis:

Alert Level: How the problem has affected
the system operation. In your case, alert level is not serious. It does not,
for example, prevent boot of the server.

Source: What major part of the system the
alert is referring to (platform, memory,
processor, and so on). In your case,
source 8 is I/O.

Source Detail: What sub-part of the system
the alert is referring to (cabinet fan,
DIMM, high voltage DC power, and so on).
In your case it is system bus adapter.
If Source Detail is 6, that is Disk.
In your case, it is a system bus adapter (2).

Source ID: Specific FRU referred to in
Source and Source Detail. In your case, it
is ID 7. You can check it through several
methods. Some examples:

dos2ux /var/tombstones/ts99


Run command "SL" at the Boot Console Handler
(BCH) Main Menu:


The screen will display:

Which buffer are you interested in:
Incoming, Error, Current boot, Last boot? (I/A/E/C/L), type E, and press enter

For chassis logs generated by system firmware
(Reporting Entity Type 0), use the
chassis_code.codes file for chassis code
definitions. Each revision of system firmware
(Processor Dependent Code or PDC) has a
unique chassis_code.codes file. This file is
not part of the PF_Cxxxxx or PHSS_xxxxx
server firmware patches. The chassis_code.codes files appear in the
appendices of the Interpreting Chassis Logs
in Detail guide for definition and examples
of selftest chassis codes.

Problem Detail: Specific problem information (power off, functional failure, and so on).

If there are no hardware problems, then
a firmware upgrade of GSP and/or your hardware is advised.

Lot of useful alert codes are listed here:


In any case, you do not have serious problems


VK2COT - Dusan Baljevic
Mridul Shrivastava
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Re: GSP Error message

This is an alert level 2 message and it clearly says Non-urgent operator attention required. Hence as such there is no fault and no action required. However you can do a hardware check using online diags like cstm to check everything is working fine.
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Re: GSP Error message

thanks for your response
Today morning we have booted the system , system has shown following errors and not able to boot -

Alert Level 12 = software failure
Source:1 = Processor
Source Detail:1 = Processor general Source ID:0
Problem Detail:0 = No problem detail
Caller Activity:B = System Panic Status:0
Caller Subactivity:00 = implementation dependent
Reporting Entity Type:E = HP-UX Reporting entity ID:0

0xA0E000C01100B000 00000000 000005E9 type20=major change in system state

Pl. help , system is not booting now.
Dennis Handly
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Re: GSP Error message

If this is a software error and it is a HP-UX panic, what messages were on the console?
Have you talked to the Response Center?
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Re: GSP Error message

Under GSP Cli:
ss #show current CPU status
ps #show current Power&Fan status
of course call RC will be the best choice
May Force be with you !
Roberto Arias
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Re: GSP Error message


where are you? vmunix is in memory? please give the step that you see the messages of GSP

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Re: GSP Error message

I am getting these error messages before HP-UX boot.
these messages are displayed on console and also in GSP prompt.

GSP>ps & ss option is showing both CPU ok and power supply also ok.
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Re: GSP Error message

Check the GSP firmware version and the system's PDC firmware version.

The L-class / rp54xx series went through quite a lot of GSP firmware versions. Some had known false alarms, and the early ones had a habit of being nonresponsive after a long uptime.

The GSP firmware version is displayed when you issue the GSP command HE (for HElp). It's on the first line of the main help menu.

The PDC firmware version can be ascertained using the STM diagnostics (cstm/mstm/xstm) or from the boot messages. The CL (Console Log) command of the GSP might allow you to see the firmware messages of the previous system startup, if the console has not been used much since then.

Here's a direct link to the PDC firmware patches:

The GSP firmware patches seem to be a bit harder to find today. The L-class/rp54xx had two variations of GSPs: the older "A" revision (GSP firmware version A.xx.xx, grey cable at the back of the GSP card) and the newer "B" revision (GSP firmware version B.xx.xx, black cable).

The latest firmware for revision A GSP:

The latest firmware for revision B GSP:

Most likely the older L-class servers (rp5400 and rp5450) originally had revision A GSPs, but a broken revision A GSP may have been replaced with a revision B.

Read the patch release notes to find the upgrade procedure and any dependencies. In particular, the oldest revision B firmwares cannot be upgraded directly to the newest version: you must first upgrade to B.02.15 which has a special installation procedure.