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GSP Log Time Stamp Wrong

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GSP Log Time Stamp Wrong

I have noticed that my N4000-44 with a Core/IO board that used the rev A GSP which I have updated awhile back to the last release of rev A GSP firmware A.01.12 has a different time on it;s timestamps in the GSP logs. That is when I do a SL and requet any of the logs (usually the "E" option for the error logs) the time doesn't match my OS's time. Since there is no command to change the time on the GSP where does the GSP get its time information from. Is it the OS & its associated "DATE" command or is it from the system board & its associated "TI" command found by interupting the boot at the BCH and then going from the MA prompt into the COnfiguration menu & and then from the COnfiguration menu using the TI command to check/verify/correct my time with the GSP so that my GSP logs & my OS Crash Dumps & TS99 files all have the same approximate time stamps (I already know there will be a difference in time between all of these due to procedure that the seerver follows in creating the files so they are all not created at the exact same time) Its just that the differences in the time is anywee fom 45min to an hour off. Any help? THanks Gennaro
Stefan Stechemesser
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Re: GSP Log Time Stamp Wrong

from the description of patch PHKL_20979:

At boot time and every four hours thereafter, the operating
system sends the GSP the current time to update the GSP's
clock. Every hour, the cclogd also sends the GSP the time.
The time value sent by the operating system includes a year
value of '0' for 2000, instead of 100, or years since 1900.
The GSP interprets the year as 1900, which is invalid. It
generates an error code -1, which gets interpreted in the
logs as the date March 06, 2106. The GSP then resets its
clock to January 01, 1970. This happens with every
operating system time update to the GSP.
The time value sent by cclogd to the GSP is correct. As
this is sent every hour, we see the erroneous values on log
entries generated starting with the operating system update
until the next cclogd update.
This defect impacts L-Class and N-Class only, is visable
only in the chassis code logs, and has no impact on the
operating system or any applications. The log files are
viewable through the online diagnostic subsystem.
Change the current rounding up procedure in the operating
system GSP update routine so that the year will be the
number of years since 1900, as the GSP expects.

1.) make sure patch PHKL_20979 or its successor PHKL_27851 is installed
2.) make sure the "cclogd" process is running. cclogd is part of the online diagnostics (can be installed online from:

best regards