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GSP Reset

Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: GSP Reset

You'll have to get the console working first. CTRL-B should bring up the GSP prompt. If not, I would suspect that you have a modem cable, not a terminal (crossover) cable between the terminal and the GSP console. Until the real console is working, you won't be able to truly reset the GSP to get rid of the administrator login and password. Requiring a 'real' console is about the only security that can be imposed from the GSP.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin

Re: GSP Reset

The console is a 700/92 Terminal I have the correct W cable and the correct Serial lead running from the console connection to the Terminal.

I can access the GSP with Ctrl B.

Anything else I should check in the terminal setup ?

Re: GSP Reset

Thanks to everybody for there suggestions I found a fix for the problem.

I removed the Button Battery from the GSP card for approx 15 / 20 minutes.

When I re-installed the Card it would allow me to run the SO command and create an administrative user.

Still haven't found out why the GSP Reset won't work I will update the firmware to see if that fixes the problem, but at least I can log on as administrator now and change the LAN settings.