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GSP and Commands

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GSP and Commands

I have RTFMed and checked the hp site to no avail.

I thought you can change the boot path of a N class from the GSP. However, I am unable to locate the correct set of menu's. I have tried everything in the GSP's ctl-b initial screen.

This must be something simple.

Thanks in advance,
Jim Mallett
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Re: GSP and Commands

Do you need to use the GSP? Could you just use the setboot command?

For help in the GSP type: HE
For a list of commands type: LI

Here are a few of the sections, but I'm not aware of any that will allow a change of the boot path (my experience is limited with GSP though):
GSP Command:
CMD Description
AC Alert display Configuration
CA Configure asynch/serial ports
CL Console Log- view console history
CO Console- return to console mode
CSP Connect to remote Service Proc
DI Disconnect remote or LAN console
EL Enable/disable LAN access
ER Enable/disable Remote/modem
HE Display Help for menu or command
LS LAN Status
MR Modem Reset
MS Modem Status
PC Remote Power Control
PS Power management module Status
RS Reset System through RST signal
SDM Set Display Mode (hex or text)
SW Session- log into the system
SL Show Logs (chassis code buffer)
SS System Status of proc. Modules
TC Reset via Transfer of Control
TE Tell- send a msg. To other users
VFP Virtual Front Panel display
WHO Display connected GSP users
XD Diagnostics and/or Reset of GSP
XU Upgrade the GSP Firmware
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Michael Steele_2
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Re: GSP and Commands

DE for 'default' will prompt for new vaules.

BOOTINFO listing of settings.

See attached.
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Hemanth Gurunath Basrur
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Re: GSP and Commands

Hello Doug,

Do have a look at this document. The book is "Managing Superdome Complexes: A Guide for HP-UX System Administrators". There is a chapter on GSP commands.


For more info, search in http://docs.hp.com.

Hope this helps.

Bhuvaneswari Selvaraj
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Re: GSP and Commands


Refer to the " HP System Partitions Guide: Administration for nPartitions (6th edition)" at the following link


In that refer to the section "Using Console and Service Processor Interfaces" and in that you
have the "Using the service processor commands"

However, you can use the setboot command itself to set hte bootpath.
setboot -p -a
shud suffice..
Michael Steele_2
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Re: GSP and Commands

(* Psssst, its an N4000 not an nPars. *)
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Re: GSP and Commands