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GSP firmware update

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GSP firmware update


I want to upgrade my L1000 GSP firmware to A.01.12, and when I try to ping the LAN where the GSP files are located via the XD command (GSP > xd), this test never pass (FAIL).

1) Is there someone who can help me to PASS the LAN access?
2) Does it exist another way to upgrade the GSP firmware?


Zigor Buruaga
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Re: GSP firmware update


Try to test connectivity doing "ping" from your other machine against your GSP IP address.
Check your GSP lan configuration, maybe some problem in netmask?
Check also if the network cable is correctly connected.

Hope this helps.
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Shawn Wilcox
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Re: GSP firmware update

You may have to reset the GSP before the ping test will work.

Run XD then type R to reset the GSP.

After the GSP has been reset try running the ping test again.

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Jeff Schussele
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Re: GSP firmware update

Hi Stf,

Are you connecting to the lan console port with the system containing the GSP files? That's the I/F on the Core I/O card in slot 2.
Note - it's a 10-Base/T port only.

You cannot update the GSP through the system's network - you have to do this through the lan console port.

We just use a crossover cable from a laptop, containing the GSP update files, to it & set a private subnet up using something like & for IPs.

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