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GSP login problem

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GSP login problem

Hi All,
We have a HP server(N4000) with lan console configured.
We are not able to login to GSP login from lan console.
I have tried with following user and password
1. enter, enter (no login, no password)
2. Admin, Admin
3. Admin, admin

I did not try from Serial console because server is located in a remote place.

I would like to know,
1. what is the default user and password of N4000 HP server to login to GSP.
2.If I try to access serial console locally by entering cntl + b keys, will server ask for user and password.
3. What could be the solution for this kind of problem.

Thanks & Regards,
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Slawomir Gora
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Steven E. Protter
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Re: GSP login problem

Shalom Manoj,

I think the default user/password combo is either admin/admin or Admin/Admin.

The problem is that many places change the default password.

If this is unknown, then whats needed is to reset the lan console to factory defaults.

Perhaps this thread:

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Sivakumar TS
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Re: GSP login problem

Dear manoj,

The default password is Admin/Admin

You can try Oper/Oper also.

You can reset the GSP in 2 ways,

1 login to GSP thri serial and execute


this will load all default config.

2 Press reset button in the GSP card.

With Regards,

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Cem Tugrul
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Fabio Ettore
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Re: GSP login problem

Hi Manoj,

resetting GSP should be surely the best solution. That will load the initial configuration.

Best regards,
Jeff Schussele
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Re: GSP login problem

Hi Manoj,

The name/PW Admin/Admin was *not* adopted until the cell-based servers arrived.
For a "vanilla" N-4000 it would be null - so Enter/Enter should get you in. If it doesn't then someone, at some point, did set up a user/PW. Amd if you don't know it then you'll have to reset the GSP to factory defaults & then enter/enter will work.

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Re: GSP login problem

hi manoj.

In the gsp controller card u can find 3 dip buttons.

1. global reset
2. battery save
3. password reset.

just press the password reset button. u can find this switch near to the left side of the card