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GSP vs. iLO

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GSP vs. iLO

GSP vs. iLO what are the differences between the two? Is one an older version of the other, or is GSP the physical port/hardware and iLO is the application/software? I realize this may be a stupid question, however I am but a humble physical security guy shoved into the unix admin realm. Thanks again.
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Re: GSP vs. iLO

Hi all:

The GSP is "Guardian Service Process" or Lan Console of system 9000 and integrity.

iLO is the same that GSP ( console Remote ) of blade system's. this is other type of servers diferent of 9000

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Re: GSP vs. iLO

OK essentially GSP and iLO are the same thing just on different hardware platforms. I have some in-house (old) documentation that references GSP and the HP User Service Guide for HP 9000 rp3440 dated 2007 references iLO. If the two are interchangable than I will move forward. Thanks again.
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Re: GSP vs. iLO

Basically the same, but different names and functionality over time:

SP - service processor
AP - access port (?)
GSP - guardian service processor
MP - management processor
followed by
iLO - integrated lights out

More differences between several GSP's and iLO's ... it depends - but all are made for remote support.

Hope this helps!

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Re: GSP vs. iLO

GSP (Guardian Service Processor) is the predecessor of MP (Management Processor).
I think the GSP was the first to include a dedicated LAN interface: the older SP and AP allowed only serial and/or modem connections, as I recall.

The name "iLO" originated with Compaq's PC servers and has a fairly long history there. After the Compaq-HP merger, it became the standard buzzword for a certain type of hardware-level remote control functionality with both PC and Unix servers.

The MPs of some server models were actually relabeled as iLO with a firmware upgrade.

Many GSPs can handle only telnet (unencrypted). If security is required, they should be connected to a protected network segment, which only the sysadmins can access.

The MPs and iLOs are newer, and usually can encrypt the connection with HTTPS and/or SSH if proper licensing has been obtained (the SSH functionality is often an optional extra, which is unlocked with a special code).