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Getting Graphics Terminal to Work on K370 with VISUALIZE-EG Card

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Getting Graphics Terminal to Work on K370 with VISUALIZE-EG Card

I am still having trouble getting my graphics display to work on my K370.


I have entered:


pa con 8/12.0


which is the proper hardwre path for the display/adapter hardware. The system shows that this has been done. I have the HP terminal console connected to the console port as well as the graphics terminal connected properly to the VISUALIZE-EG card/connector on the back of the machine, including the mouse and keyboard. I continue to get output to the terminal, but nothing displays on the graphics monitor. I have verified that graphics3 is installed in the kernel via SAM. Nothing seems to work, although the graphics setup has worked when this system was in a production environment. (It has since had HPUX 10.20 completely reinstalled, erasing anything on the disks that was there when the machine was in use in a production environment, but the system hardware has not changed.)


I am at a loss as to what to try or do next to get this display to function properly. Any input any of you have about the process to make this operational would be appreciated!



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Re: Getting Graphics Terminal to Work on K370 with VISUALIZE-EG Card

I wish I had an explanation as to how the graphics terminal began to work on this system, but I do not. I installed some hardware extensions from CD that might have had something to do with it; however, it works fine now and runs in tandem with the serial terminal, so I have both displays available at the same time, which is what I wanted to achieve. I also made some modifications to the Displays section in SAM that could have caused the display to start working and/or enabled both displays to work at the same time.


At any rate, it now works and seems to be solidly installed.


Thanks to those who looked at my post. I appreciate it!