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Getting console information from HP-UX

Occasional Contributor

Getting console information from HP-UX

Hi All,

Is it possible to gather the network properties of the MP/GSP type of remote console from HP-UX? Like how we reset the console from the OS using "stty +reset < /dev/diag...", I want to get the IP address from the OS.

Something like how we can do using "scadm shownetwork" command in solaris.

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Getting console information from HP-UX

No, that's not possible that I know of. The MP/GSP is completely independent of the OS. HP-UX really doesn't know anything about it.

Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Getting console information from HP-UX

These are notes from several years ago (2002) and I have not tried this on 11.23 or Itanium systems, but...

1. You'll need a device file for tty1p0. It should look like this:

ll /dev/tty1p0
crw--w--w- 1 bin bin 1 0x010000 Jun 25 2003 /dev/tty1p0

if not, create it with:
umask 055

mknod /dev/tty1p0 c 1 0x010000

2. Create a GSP entry in /etc/uucp/Systems:

mygsp Any;5 gspiport,f 9600 - "" \r\d\r\d\r ogin:-BREAK- ogin: uucp asswrd: uucp-BREAK-ogin: uucp asswrd: uucp

Note that this is on line like other entries in the Systems file.

3. Append this tty1p0 entry in the /etc/uucp/Devices file:

port tty1p0 - 9600 direct

4. Now talk to the GSP port with cu:

cu -l /dev/tty1p0

and when you are finished, you MUST terminate the session with ~.

The GSP port is a critical link to the processor ROMs and as such, should be protected. When not using the tty1p0 to talk to the GSP, remove the entry in /etc/uucp/Systems.

The GSP LAN (for the same security reasons) should not be attached to unprotected networks but should be on an isolated subnet.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin