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H/I Servers. Where to find configiguration info?

Peter Rupp_2
Occasional Contributor

H/I Servers. Where to find configiguration info?

Hi everybody,
I have inherited a bunch of old H30, H60, and I70 servers that will remain with us for some time. These servers are in bad shape from an administrative standpoint. One of the problems is they don't have a console.

I was wondering what kind of a console I can use for these servers? Could I use the standard HP dumb terminals? I also don't know of the type of connection the console would use.

If there's anybody out there who knows where I can find the configuration information (purple book) for these servers that would help a lot. Also, any sources of LED hardware exception codes would also help us.

Thanks in advance,

Right now, the servers don'e have any consoles...apparently they were thrown out some time ago, and the previous admins j
Do you know where I can find a purple book (hopefully in electronic form)?? Or information on LED error codes?

We will be hooking these servers to a "Cyclades" terminal server. I needed to know what kind of console/keyboard ports these servers use (unfortunately none are connected to the servers...all access is via the regular network connection)

marie-noelle jeanson_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: H/I Servers. Where to find configiguration info?


Regarding the console, I have found that H-class servers used for system console the following console terminals HP700/96:
- console with green screen - C1064GZ
- console terminal with amber screen - C1064AZ
- console terminal with white screen - C1064WZ

I could not find info on LEDs.

Peter Rupp_2
Occasional Contributor

Re: H/I Servers. Where to find configiguration info?

Thanks Marie,
This helped a lot...we were able to find an old HP monitor (one of the types you mentioned) and it worked fine. Thanks again.