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HALT RP5450 command

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HALT RP5450 command

Need to halt sys and power down
can't remember command
is it >>> shutdown -y -h <<<<<<

Patrick Wallek
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Re: HALT RP5450 command

# shutdown -h y 0

will shutdown the operating system.

Then you either have to power the system down via the power switch or you can use the GSP command PC to power the machine off if you are connected to the console somehow.
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Re: HALT RP5450 command

You need to run
# shutdown -h -y 0

This will halt the system cutting off the active power from the sub-system.
But there would be standy power required to monitor system hardware health after running above command

If you want to switch off power completly , then you have to use the switch or you can use GSP .

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Re: HALT RP5450 command

shutdown -h y 0

will shut down the system nicely. If you a delay (to give the users time to log out for example ) change the 0 to the number of seconds you wish to delay i.e. 600=5 minutes

Adisuria Wangsadinata_1
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Re: HALT RP5450 command


Yup, you can use 'shutdown -hy 0'.
This command will shutdown the system properly and halt the system.

To power down, you need to turn-off the power switch; and turn-on the power switch to power-up.

For more detail, please refer to the man page :

# man shutdown

Turn-on & turn-off can be done also from GSP prompt :

MP > cm [enter]
MP:CM > pc -off [enter] < to power-off
MP:CM > pc -on [enter} < to power-on

Hope this information can help you.

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timmy b.
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Re: HALT RP5450 command

There are actually 3 stages to "powering off" an rp5450.

The first, as described above many times, is to run the shutdown command. This cleanly shuts down the Operating System.

The second, also mentioned above, is to power off the cpus, memory and IO boards. This can be done either by pressing the button on the front panel, or by running the PE command from the GSP/MP prompt.

None of these, however, completely removes power from the box. There are still housekeeping voltages applied, and the GSP/MP is still alive and well. To take power off the entire box you must pull the power cords out of the back of the server.

Good Luck - Tim
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Mahesh Kumar Malik
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Re: HALT RP5450 command


#shutdown -h 0 will immediately shutdown and halt the server. You may also use following:

#shutdown -h now

Once shutdown complete message is displayed , it is safe to Power Off the server.