HPE 9000 and HPE e3000 Servers
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HP 9000 800/H40 A2438A

Alexander Cosmulescu
Occasional Contributor

HP 9000 800/H40 A2438A


I have to install this server but I canâ t find a way to connect my PC via HyperTerminal. Please HEL

Re: HP 9000 800/H40 A2438A

It should have a "core I/O" card in it, with a connector that looks like a joystick (15 pin) connector, or perhaps a small round connector. You have to have this adapter to convert this to a RJ45 and then another one to go back to a db9 on your laptop. That is how I have seen it in the past. Here is the pin-outs, perhaps you can make your own:
Brian M Rawlings
Honored Contributor

Re: HP 9000 800/H40 A2438A

Alexander: check out this site:


There is a link where the mention the console connection is a mux panel or mini-DIN, the link points to a diagram of the console connector types, and also has the P/N of the DB25-to-DIN console cable used on these old servers. The link points you here:


If you put the part number of the console cable (A1703-63003) into google.com, you will find lots of places willing to sell you such a cable.

Best of luck. --bmr

PS: I can't imagine why anyone would want you to install one of these, other than as a novelty or a museum piece. Really. You can find a nice A500 on ebay for a couple hundred bucks that will eat this thing for lunch, take up 10% of the space, and be fully supported for current OS (11.0 or 11i). If you need 10.20 support, the A180, or some workstations, or a nice D250 or something would also be very cheap, and just blow the doors off a H40. It doesn't and will never support modern CDs or DVDs, current disk drives, or any of the things that are about to fall off a 10-year old box.
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