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HP 9000/800/rp3410 having memory Error

Muhammad Faraz Rehan
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HP 9000/800/rp3410 having memory Error

Can any body tell me what is causing this Memory error:

running this command STM:
System Hardware
HPUX Model Number......: rp3410
HPUX Model String......: 9000/800/rp3410
Original Product Number: A7136A
Current Product Number.: A7136A
System Serial Number...: xxxxxxxx
Hversion...............: 0x8880
Sversion...............: 0x491
Software Capabilities..: 0x100000f0

memory board inventory:

Hardware path: 8

Basic Memory Description

Module Type: MEMORY
Total Configured Memory : 6144 MB
Page Size: 4096 Bytes

Memory interleaving is supported on this machine and is ON.

Memory Board Inventory

DIMM Slot Size (MB)
--------- ---------
0A 1024
0B 1024
1A 1024
1B 1024
2A 512
2B 512
3A 512
3B 512
4A 0
4B 0
5A 0
5A 0
5B 0
--------- ---------
System Total (MB): 6144

Memory Error Log Summary

Board Error Address Error Type Page Count
------------- ----------------- ---------- --------- -----
1b 0x000000011b788880 Single-Bit 0x011b788 1
3b 0x000000000ed07c80 Single-Bit 0x000ed07 1

System start: Sat Apr 4 14:19:01 2009.
Last error check: Mon Mar 7 16:11:41 2011.
Logging interval: 3600 seconds.

2 address(es) with errors logged by memory logging daemon.

The Logtool Utility provides full details about the memory error log.

Page Deallocation Table (PDT)

PDT Entries Used: 0
PDT Entries Free: 3000
PDT Total Size: 3000

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Re: HP 9000/800/rp3410 having memory Error

>> System start: Sat Apr 4 14:19:01 2009.

Really? Wow!

There was a single bit error, this means a bit flipped and was corrected.

Allow the system to boot and get exclusive access to the memory for testing.

Just reboot and monitor.

Hope this helps!

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Andrew Rutter
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Re: HP 9000/800/rp3410 having memory Error


the memory dimms caused the error! the system picked it up as part of its monitoring. they didnt work as it should for a brief moment but corrected itself.

generally single bit errors will correct themselves and be ok, as long as they are not getting worse. monitor the memory and test if possible with STM. better to have a short maintenance window to test rather than risk a full system crash with it, if there are lots of errors or they develop into double bit errors! if you get more errors in test then you have time to arrange downtime to get it replaced.