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HP 9000 K370 Stops on Initial Tests

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HP 9000 K370 Stops on Initial Tests

My K370 has been booting just fine. Now, out of the blue, it goes through all the tests on the LCD and stops at:



           CPU 01


I can get the CM menu on the console and I can type 'menu' to see it. But, when I enter CO, nothing happens. The terminal stops outputting and nothing else happens.


I've searched the forum and I cannot find anything that addresses this.


What does the LCD message mean and what is the cause of it? How do I get beyond it?





Frequent Advisor

Re: HP 9000 K370 Stops on Initial Tests

I downloaded the HP Customer Engineer's Manual from Scribd. It has all the error codes and LCD readout codes generated by the K series. This error means that the system had problems initializing the graphics monitor/console.


I disconnected the monitor cable and the keyboard/mouse cables and rebooted the machine. It booted fine after disconnecting the graphics monitor/keyboard/mouse. I will deal with getting the graphics console set up at a later date.


This CE manual is great to have and I would encourage anyone who is experiencing LCD error messages or other error messages to go to Scribd and download the appropriate CE manual for your machine. The cost was $8.95 - not bad for a great and exhaustive reference manual for identifying and resolving system problems!