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HP 9000 L class model A5158A

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HP 9000 L class model A5158A

I am trying to connect the HBA to a JBOD with 1 disk and ioscan doesn't list the disk. If I reboot the HBA, it finds the drive, but if I disconnect and connect again, the drive is not found. I connected a Finisar analyzer and it seems the loop initialization completes OK and the alpa is listed in the LISA map, but the HBA sends idles and does not send PLOGI to the device.
I don't know the rev. of firmware I have.
I wonder if somebody had seen this happening or may be I have an old rev. of firmware.
How do I check the rev?
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Re: HP 9000 L class model A5158A

These HBA cards do not have firmware, but have a specific driver. You may need to update to the latest driver and FC patch revision. You can get the driver here:



You can check the driver and existing patch revision by issuing this command.

# /opt/fcms/bin/fcmsutil /dev/td?
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Re: HP 9000 L class model A5158A

If this drive belongs to LVM (within VG) then LVM may be polling it, and of course polling it on the request to VG and to areas located on this disk so with LVM it should be easy (although in this situations some extents could appear stale and data loss can occur if you did not setup mirroring).
If this disk is new disk and does not belong to LVM then it should not change its state from claimed to no_hw if you'll not touch it. As soon as you removed disk (fc cable) you do 'diskinfo' for this disk and system finds it as no_hw. You reconnect cable and need to touch disk again to allow system to see it's there again. You can do it with another diskinfo (I guess) but better ioscan.
This is the way I think.
So in your case after you reconnect fc cable try running 'ioscan -fn' to see if it will find, claim and reinitialize link
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Re: HP 9000 L class model A5158A

It looks like I have HP-UX 11.00,
but I cannot get any rev information using command fcmsutil /dev/td0. It gives me a TL Chip Revision, device Id and some other things, but there is no driver or FC patch revisions in the list. Is there another command to get the driver rev?
I called tech support and I was told that I must reboot the server each time connecting it to SCSI targets, but it seems too rough.
I appreciate your input, thanks.
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Re: HP 9000 L class model A5158A

Yes, use
swlist | grep 5158

It should give you something close to this;
A5158A B.11.00.10 PCI Tachyon TL/TS Fibre Channel

The B.11.00.10 is still the current driver for 11.00 I believe. However, if you are connecting your HBA directly to a Fibre-capable JBOD, then you will probably continue to have this problem. If there is something handling the fibre connection (a switch, hub, etc), then you should be able to eliminate the problem.
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Re: HP 9000 L class model A5158A

Thanks. I tried swlist, but it gives me bus error.
In the Finisar trace I see the HBA keeps sending ARB (0,alpa) but there is no fabric in the set up.
This doesn't seem right.
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Re: HP 9000 L class model A5158A

It sounds like it is trying to setup a Peer-peer loop connection. However, if your getting a bus reset, then something is wrong. Swlist does not do anything but installed software. It does not try to poll the hardware.
You might try re-installing the driver and possibly doing an fcmsutil /dev/td0 reset or possibly /dev/td1.

I would definitely look into why you get bus resets for the swlist command though. You may just need to install the latest patch set June 2003 (or possibly Sep 2003).
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Re: HP 9000 L class model A5158A

i know this is an old part, i bought 2 of these PCI cards on ebay

i thought i could make a direct link between my server and my desktop using SC, i even bought all the cable, but ican't find windows drivers, am i to understand this card is not a NIC but somthing to do with a SAN?


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Re: HP 9000 L class model A5158A

This is a HBA for fibre channel storage, unique for HP-UX.

Hope this helps!

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those who understand binary, and those who don't.

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