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HP 9000 Parts Replacement

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HP 9000 Parts Replacement

Greetings to all!

I recently obtained an older (?) HP 9000 K Class server. The unit is very large and heavy.

It seems to run 2 8200PA 200mhz units, although it has the number "A3663B" the specs would presume it to be a K570 (Rackmount, date says 1999).

Unfortunately, the system is missing two apparent parts. I cannot find them on "Part Surfer", and I would apprecieate any help on the subject.

First part (apparently) missing is the Processor Cover slot. I can clearly see the two Procs as well as the dual Memory boards and the ?Monitor? board. Attached is a photo of a similar machine with the **cover** attached. I need the cover and whatever "standoffs" might be on it to secure the processors.

Second is the drive bay for CDRom drives. I don't need the entire "peripheral housing" unit, just the upper metal caddy that the CDRom/Tape Drive bolts into, upon which this entire unit slides into the "peripheral housing".


This photo shows the housing. I need only the upper/inner metallic CDRom/Tape mount in the upper half.

Any and all help regarding this would be great. I can purchase the parts of PartSurfer, I just can't find them anywhere (or seperate).

Keven Tipping
Adisuria Wangsadinata_1
Honored Contributor

Re: HP 9000 Parts Replacement


The processor cover part number is :

A3398-00019 Cover plate, processors 2 and 3
A3641-00005 Cover plate, processors 4 and 5

For the peripheral housing, I think you should purchase the whole 'peripheral housing bay' :

A2375-60017 Peripheral bay housing

Hope this information can help you.


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Re: HP 9000 Parts Replacement


There are already covers on the rear slots (they are just blank plates?). They screw in on the top and bottom, each plate covers 2 slots and the PSU hangs over the right-most 2 slots. I am unsure if these are the covers you mention- or if those covers have some sort of securing unit to hold the processors in place.

What I am looking for here, as I mentioned, is some sort of cover that covers up Processors 0 and 1, as well as the Monitor board and Memory slots.

As I had posted prviously- I attached a picture of a K9000/K570 with this mentioned cover in place over the processors.

Also- I am wondering- do the processors actually get secured by anything? Seems to me like the procs just plug in and "sit there", with nothing to prevent them from falling out (or, if someone pulled on them, to prevent them from dislodging).

Thanks again!
Keven Tipping

Re: HP 9000 Parts Replacement


I've done some looking up. The whole "Enterprise server" thing is somewhat new to me.

I took the two Processors and stuck them in the rear. The pre-existing coverplates back there secure the processors into place properly, and the HP manuals confirm that I already have the proper covering plates for this on the **rear**.

What I need, as I've said, is the Memory "Bulkhead/Cover Plate" and the CPU0/CPU1 "Bulkhead/Cover Plate" as the manuals suggest. These go on the **front** to the left of the "Peripheral Bay", and ensure proper air flow on the Procs and memory, as well as securing the processors and memory boards *on the front* in place.

Unfortunately I cannot find any reference of these parts anywhere or any part number...

So are these parts obtainable? Or are they made of unobtainium?...
timmy b.
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Re: HP 9000 Parts Replacement

MEMORY BULKHEAD (metal cover for proc's & memory) A3453-60005

Still looking for the peripheral bay.

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timmy b.
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Re: HP 9000 Parts Replacement

Might be SE DEVICE METALL COVER A2375-00025
Can't be sure yet, can't find my manual. This part number is near the PERIPHERIAL HOUSING A2375-60017, which is the larger chassis part with the drives on the bottom and the removeable media on top.

Have you read the forum guidelines, by the way?

There are 10 kinds of people in this world: Those who understand Binary, and those who don't.

Re: HP 9000 Parts Replacement

Yup. Thats one of them.

The two parts I've dug up (with great difficulty, I don't know why Partsurfer doesn't list them as chassis parts) are:

A3453-00002 - Processor Plated Bulkhead
A3453-60005 - Memory Bulkhead

The Peripheral bay itself is:

Although I only need the upper portion of that unit, but it seems like I've got very little choice in the matter :(.

HP has the Processor bulkhead, but not the Memory. I don't know if its under a different number or something.

I have no clue why these parts are as buried as they are. I fired up the server without them, and it wasn't pretty. The bottom fans ran at a slow speed for a while (about 4 minutes), and then immediately kicked it into high (loud) gear, presumably from Procs 0&1 starting to overheat because of the misdirected airflow (and I could FEEL the heat radiating, without touching the proc).

Thanks for all your help sofar. I do appreciate it.

BTW: Does anyone know of a reasonably cheaper source for these parts? I can deal with $60 US for the Proc bulkhead, but some online retailers are asking $180-$960 (for a chunk or metal).
timmy b.
Honored Contributor

Re: HP 9000 Parts Replacement

I think that the processor bulkhead is one of the ones for the rear. The memory bulkhead would be the one for up front.

The Peripheral Bay is the whole front unit, but probably does NOT come with the carrier for the SE devices. That's why I was thinking that part mentioned in my last post was the right one. You may wish to contact HP directly for a description.

Kevin, have you read the forum guidelines? It is customary for the question author (You, in this case) to "assign points" to the responses to his/her question. See the little drop down boxes near all of our replies? The idea is twofold; first to show anyone else scanning this thread how useful you thought a particular reply was, second to show some appreciation to us for providing the reply. Please realize that this is a "user to user" forum, most of us are not HP employees. A lot of our time is spent researching things for people, like your two parts. We do this for the learning experience and to share our knowledge. But at the same time it's nice to be "rewarded" accoring to the guidelines. Please don't just assign 10 points (the max) to all responses, that defeats the purpose.

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Thanks for posting. If I head in to my office I'll see if I still have my K Class manual, I think it had a decent parts breakout in it. If you verify the part numbers, please post a reply.

Good Luck - Tim
There are 10 kinds of people in this world: Those who understand Binary, and those who don't.

Re: HP 9000 Parts Replacement

I already have the covers for the rear (which work just fine for securing the processors, given that I move the two into the slots back there).

I think I have a source that is going to send me all the parts for a relativly good price. I will post if that is the case.

As for the points, yes, I have noticed that.

I wasn't going to assign anything until I knew the thread was closed, although you have all been very helpful. I thought that one was to assign them after the problem was solved. Terribly sorry for any inconvienence.
Mark Ellzey
Valued Contributor

Re: HP 9000 Parts Replacement


As far as used parts, I've used Configsys for K series IO boards and SCSI controllers.

Check out:

timmy b.
Honored Contributor

Re: HP 9000 Parts Replacement

I took apart a K380 yesterday.

Stamped inside the larger piece was the part number A2375-00097. (At least it looked like a 9, that end of the stamp was light)

Stamped on the smaller piece, the part that would hold a cd and DAT drive, was A2375-00021.

I hope this helps you out!

Good Luck - Tim
There are 10 kinds of people in this world: Those who understand Binary, and those who don't.