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HP 9000 T600 XCVR/Net Fail Problem

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HP 9000 T600 XCVR/Net Fail Problem

Hey all,

I have an HP 9000 T600 Enterprise server. Upon powering the system on, everything goes through it's selfcheck but the front Stopped red LED comes on solid. When I look at the rear of the server, the yellow Self test LED on the Console/LAN controller card (the card with the support, console, AUI, and 10base-2 BNC connect) is flashing. That is the only thing flashing on the system. The rear 5v power modules are all on Warn status (I believe this is because the system cannot fully power on). I am not exactly sure what is causing the problem. I have looked at the logs of the system but it does not tell me much. I am at a loss =/. I can get anything from the console if you need me to, just let me know where to go.



Re: HP 9000 T600 XCVR/Net Fail Problem

I think I have got around the red Stopped problem. The "XCVR/Net Fail" LED is still flashing but atleast I'm not getting a Yellow attention or Red stopped LED. The Run light is flashing and I've looked at the console but I am not sure where to go.
Looking at the Operators manual, I do not see anything like it says in section 2-6 "Continue with primary boot path? ([y]/n/)> Y"
I apologize for being such a n00b with this, however any help will greatly be appreciated.
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Re: HP 9000 T600 XCVR/Net Fail Problem

I have attached the Operator's Guide. Has this system ever worked correctly?

What are the chances...

Re: HP 9000 T600 XCVR/Net Fail Problem

Thanks for your reply.
I am beginning to lose hope in this thing.
Thanks for the attachment as well. I have all the manauals in PDF format that are available on HP's site. I have looked through the operators manual but I have not had much success.

To be honest, this was pulled from a school environment that was used to show students (not mess with though) as an example. Most of the time it sat in the corner and did nothing (not running). I brought it home to see what I could do with it because each part looked to be in excellent physical condition. It appears to have all of the parts with it....four CPU cards each with two 180MHz CPU's, around 6GB of RAM in DIMM's plus four 256MB cards, the hard drive array (although I read that each of the hard drives must be in order in the hard drive array or the OS will not boot. The problem with this is that they have been removed and not labeled as to which bay they go in) and CD-ROM drive.

OK, so....I fixed the flashing XCVR/Net Fail Problem by switching the internal jumper block from ext to int (if I remember correctly) so that I could use an AUI transciever and connected it to my 10/100 switch.

But, I am having Stopped problems again as well as the system is saying I have 6 CPU's instead of 8 total. So to try to fix this, I read through the installation manual and looked at the guides for the appropriate slots for each CPU card, memory card, and power module card and placed them according to the manual.

I do not have an HP terminal, I am using Hyperterminal with 9600, 8, N, 1, N settings. I can get into the Service Processor mode and before this, each time I power on the system I see lines of messages (can't remember the specifics, I'm at school right now and can't copy and paste) but one part that sticks out to me says ACCESS FAULT 00.
Also, I look at the logs and most of them say that the Battery is not charging or there is an undervoltage.
As you can see I am pretty much lost on this one so any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I think this thing is in too decent of a condition to just part it out and try to sell some of the stuff unless you think otherwise.

Re: HP 9000 T600 XCVR/Net Fail Problem

To clarify further, it was given to the school by another company as part of their server upgrades. The company was getting rid of a set of these things so I assume that they worked then.
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Re: HP 9000 T600 XCVR/Net Fail Problem

So you do have the A1809-90001 Installation guide? (Part number is on the cover)

Make sure of the following:

SE SCSI/Parallel port card in slot 9
Core I/O (support/console ports) in slots 10-11
FWD SCSI Card in slots 12-13
HSC bus adapter in slots 14-15

the FWD SCSI card should be attached to an external boot disk.

The SE SCSI card should be attached to a CD-ROM drive to install the OS.

The power coming in must be 200-240 Volt, with 24Amps available.

What exact steps are you taking to try to bring up the system?
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Re: HP 9000 T600 XCVR/Net Fail Problem

I will have to check on that but I made sure to write that stuff down on a piece of paper before disassembling all of the parts for transport.
I'll get back with you on that.
Attached is a jpeg of what manuals I do have.
Does it matter if I am not using an HP terminal and only Hyperterminal?
If you can help me get this going with any OS, I'll give you as many points as I possibly can!

Re: HP 9000 T600 XCVR/Net Fail Problem

According to what you said, I should have the correct placement of the cards in the slots. I took pictures if you would like to see them yourself, but I would need to email them as I took a few.
The drive array is attached to the boot controller. But as I said I'm not sure of what hard drive goes in which slot as they were not marked and I didn't realize they had to be in a certain order.

I have the SE SCSI card attached to the CD-ROM drive and the power outlet was ran by a certified electrician (I had him look at the connector on the server).

As for booting the system, basically all I am doing is flipping the rear breaker on the back of the system, letting the POST's finish and then flipping the switch in front to Ready from Standby.

Thank you for your help so far Josh!
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Re: HP 9000 T600 XCVR/Net Fail Problem

The circuit breaker should be off, and the Standby-ready switch should be "ready". Then flip on the circuit breaker.

What output do you get once you power it on? (you don't have to cut & paste, just a general idea)

You might try removing the memory carrier (dimms) and leaving just the 256MB cards, in the correct slots of course.

If I am reading right, you have 4 256MB cards, 1 memory carrier with 6GB on it, and 4 dual-cpu cards. Do you have any bus converters?

Here's what the CPU/Memory configuration should be:

slot 0 - empty
slot 1 - empty
slot 2 - empty
slot 3 - empty
Slot 4 - 256MB Memory
Slot 5 - empty
Slot 6 - 256MB Memory
Slot 7 - empty
Slot 8 - memory carrier
Slot 9 - 256MB Memory
Slot 10 - 256MB Memory
Slot 11 - CPU Card
Slot 12 - Empty
Slot 13 - CPU Card
Slot 14 - CPU Card
Slot 15 - CPU Card

If you have any bus converters, they can go in slots 0, 1, 2, 3 in that order.

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Re: HP 9000 T600 XCVR/Net Fail Problem

I will try that tonight and get you some more information from Hyperterminal (have to go to college right now), as well as try leaving the memory carrier out. I thought that I was supposed to flip the rear breaker first then the front switch when the POST's passed.

You are correct. That is my current config. I have four HSC Bus Converter cards in slots 0 - 3 as well. (See pic)

As for the correct slots for the CPU's/Memory, yes, I put them in that order according to the install manual. There are 3.3v Power Modules in slots P9, P10, and P11 as well.