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Re: HP 9000 rp3410 does not boot

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HP 9000 rp3410 does not boot


I'm working on a server HP 9000 rp 3410. the probleme is that the server does not boot when I press the power button. The server make the sound of starting up ( It a kind of music), but after that, silence......

The MP LAN is not giving me access. I used the arp -s comman to assigne an iP address the MP LAN, but no success.

How can I now troubleshoot this server??

Please Help!


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Re: HP 9000 rp3410 does not boot

You need the logs from the MP.

Check if the MP get a DHCP address, this would be the default setting.

You may try also to get a serial connection to the MP, the MP is working as long as power is plugged in.

Hope this helps!

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