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HP 9000 rp3410

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Phillip Popp
Regular Advisor

HP 9000 rp3410

I installed a rp3410 server. I configured the iLO MP with a hyper terminal for the ip addres of where it would be installed. I bring up a cmd window from my pc and I can telnet to it and get a Management Processor log in prompt. I type in the user and password and it looks like it logs in ok. I get the system name appear. At the prompt I try to type something, anything.
I get the following: [Read only - use ^Ecf for console write access.]

Any one have a clue. can find this message anywhere in the manuals.

Any help would be appreciated.


Raj D.
Honored Contributor

Re: HP 9000 rp3410


> [Read only - use ^Ecf for console write access.]

- This is a normal message once you login to MP / GSP console.
- To take the access presse: Ctrl+E cf , and you ll have the write access to console.
- Press Ctrl +B , then CO to go to console login: and to login to the unix box.
- Press VFP: to see "Virtual Front Panel" status from GSP command menu.

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Raj D.
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Re: HP 9000 rp3410

Here is the doc:

Phil (again),

Here is the doc:

-- ^Ecf Force control of the console interface.

Enjoy, Have fun!,

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Re: HP 9000 rp3410

Hi Phillip,

[Read only - use ^Ecf for console write access.]
this kind of msg u will get when more than one persones are woking or login to MP CO.

When u try to take console i.e CO its shows this msg.
Easy Solution to it, Crtl+ECf.

Hope it solves ur query, please assign points.
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Re: HP 9000 rp3410

This is a rather common problem when unfamiliar with a MP or GSP.

The string ^Ecf means you should type a sequence of three characters:
- Control-E
- normal lowercase c
- normal lowercase f

In other words: press and hold Control, press E, release Control, press C, press F.

The catch is, you must not pause while typing it. You don't have to be a certified touch-typist, but if you have to stop to look at the keyboard to find the next key to press, you're probably typing the sequence too slowly.

If you're too slow, you'll only get the "Read only - use ^Ecf..." message again. If you type it fast enough, you'll get a different message, and your next keystrokes will go to the system console. (You may have to press Enter once to "wake up" the console "getty" process so it sends the login prompt to your screen.)