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HP A500 HMPC code

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Occasional Advisor

HP A500 HMPC code

I got a problem with my A500. Since it reboots without any signal. Please help me to check whether it is a hardware problem or OS problem.

Here is the shutdownlog
10:35 Tue Jun 5, 2001. Reboot:
10:54 Thu Jun 14, 2001. Halt: (by shkodb02!root)
10:54 Fri Jun 15, 2001. Reboot: (by shkodb02!root)
17:24 Tue Jul 24, 2001. Halt:
15:52 Sun May 11, 2003. Halt: (by shkodb02!root)
10:26 Tue May 13, 2003. Halt: (by shkodb02!root)
15:27 Wed May 14, 2003. Reboot: (by shkodb02!root)ior = 0'505a400.80000000'6f
01:37 Fri May 16 2003. Reboot after panic: , isr.ior = 0'd503800.80000000'74
10:30 Fri May 16, 2003. Reboot: (by shkodb02!root)
11:16 Fri May 16, 2003. Reboot: (by shkodb02!root)
11:29 Fri May 16, 2003. Reboot: (by shkodb02!root)
15:29 Sun May 18, 2003. Halt: (by shkodb02!admin1)
11:49 Thu Aug 21, 2003. Reboot:
11:59 Thu Aug 21, 2003. Halt: (by shkodb02!root)
12:11 Thu Aug 21, 2003. Reboot:
13:50 Thu Aug 21, 2003. Reboot: (by shkodb02!root)
02:20 Fri Aug 22 2003. Reboot after panic: , isr.ior = 0'fb22400.80000000'60
10:41 Fri Aug 22 2003. Reboot after panic: , isr.ior = 0'a220400.80000000'88
10:48 Fri Aug 22, 2003. Reboot: (by shkodb02!root)
23:55 Sun Aug 24, 2003. Halt: (by shkodb02!root)
02:46 Mon Aug 25, 2003. Halt: (by shkodb02!admin5)
03:13 Mon Aug 25, 2003. Reboot:
12:54 Thu Aug 28 2003. Reboot after panic: Spinlock deadlock!
10:34 Sun Aug 31 2003. Reboot after panic: , isr.ior = 0'63d1c00.80000000'50

Thanks a lot!!
Paul Mayor
Stefan Stechemesser
Honored Contributor

Re: HP A500 HMPC code

Hi Sam,

there are some strong hints that you have a hardware problem on this machine. Most panics only have a panic string "isr.ior=..." which normally is a TOC (Transfer of Control) or an HPMC (High Priority Machine Check). The last panic is a "Spinlock deadlock" which is in most cases a driver (software) problem but also may be hardware (CPU) related.
You attached the HPMC tombstone file. There you have two CPUs, but CPU #0 did not recognize any of the HPMCs ("no valid timestamp") which makes it very suspect to have failed. CPU#1 has a valid timestamp from your last panic as I would expect from an HPMC.
I would strongly recomend to contact your HP response center to check the HPMC files and qualify what is defect. For my personal opinion, CPU #0 is the most suspect candidate, but it may also be the system card. Try deconfiguring the CPU #0 in the PDC Configuration Menue (reboot the machine, press any key within 10 sec, go to "Configuration Menu", use the "CPU" command. After marking the CPU for deconfig, reset the machine once again). If the machine keeps on running without this CPU, it is very likely a hardware problem.

Best regards

Occasional Advisor

Re: HP A500 HMPC code

Hi Stefan,

Yes. For "Sponlock deadlock", I had a 4-port 100Mbps adapter failed to config as I saw from syslog.log. Also, I saw that is a jumper on the mainboard form 1 to 5. Now, the setting is 1, 4 & 5 down, however, I ot another jumper setting with only 1 & 4 down. What is the meaning with the jumper setting? Any related link to know what the different with different setting.

Paul Mayor
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: HP A500 HMPC code

Stefan is right. Not depending on hardware or software failure when machine does HPMC all CPUs should do it. In your case CPU0 does not see HPMC request. Do what Stefan advised and report results back here
Valued Contributor

Re: HP A500 HMPC code


The CPU0 appears to be problamatic. Check the number of CPUs system is using, as in the PIM file attachment it shows in the last that although it is 2 cpu system it is using CPU1 only. "WARNING: Invalid processor clock chip setting" If the H/W was not changed on CPU level since installation. Then CPU0 problem is confirmed. Since CPU0 is getting disabled on software level. Try to run the system on one CPU i.e. CPU1. For this go to BCH prompt. type "con" for config menu. check the no of CPU. try to run the tests on processor and then go to service menu. type "ser" and disable CPU0. finally reboot the system check the performance. This should resolv the problem.