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HP A6005A 744/165L A4511A VME bus board memory question

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Jesse Dougherty
Honored Contributor

HP A6005A 744/165L A4511A VME bus board memory question

We have just received about 15 of the A6005A 256MB memory modules for the A4511A & A4500A HP 9000/744L VME bus boards. They arrived in sealed HP packages and from looking at the pins, they look like they have never been used. We bought them as "new" with a warranty but from an entity other than HP so I would like to test them before we send them out. We have never tried the 265MB modules, only the A4449A 128MB modules with the VME 744/165L & 744/132L boards. My question is - do we need a higher firmware version than 4.4 on the 744 board to run the 256MB modules? 4.4 is what it takes to run the 128MB modules but I can't find anything if there was another revision of the firmware for the 256MB modules.

I just wanted to check before we slapped them in there, I don't want to fry any of this memory.

The A6005A memory also falls under these HP part numbers, if that helps for an answer.


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rick jones
Honored Contributor

Re: HP A6005A 744/165L A4511A VME bus board memory question

I don't have a direct answer - never dealt with the 744L really - but if you check wherever you go to get 744 firmware these days, and there is nothing newer than 4.4 then it owuld be a reasonable assumption that 4.4 would be sufficient.

A bit of web search on "744 firmware HP" found this site:


which suggests that 4.4 is indeed the latest firmware and/or that the 256 MB boards are supported by said firmware.
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Jesse Dougherty
Honored Contributor

Re: HP A6005A 744/165L A4511A VME bus board memory question

Hi Rick, that's what we figured but I always feel better getting some other answers and opinions, especially from an HP person. We fired them up and the 744 saw the 256MB so were good to go. Thanks for your input and have a good one.