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Re: HP C8000 Console Issue

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HP C8000 Console Issue

Hi Gurus,

We have one HP C8000 which having the graphic card issue. We have replaced the card and red diagnostic LED behind the server goes after the replacement. However another problem occur. There is no output on the monitor whether through console or through serial connection. This server don't have any OS install yet. We expect to have the server up till BMC.

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Re: HP C8000 Console Issue

The system is trying to use the graphics console. If you disconnect keyboard and mouse, it is switching back to serial.

Did you try without the graphics card?

Hope this helps!

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Re: HP C8000 Console Issue

I've try to disconnect all the keyboard and console monitor and leave the serial cable only but nothing happen. Should I pull out the graphic card from the system board?

Re: HP C8000 Console Issue

Hi Yeazas,

Please find the following may be useful:

Console Troubleshooting:

1) Check the console monitor plugged in to correct adapter
2)Check Cables
3)If Monitor Not Displaying Anything, Use Serial port A(1) as the console checka nd reconfihure the graphic Console Correctly
4) If still issue with graphic console, check and replace the graphic adapter

Hope this helps.


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