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HP L 2000 Not Powering ON

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HP L 2000 Not Powering ON

Hi ,

We have a old L200 model which has a problem in powering on.If we power it ON by pressing the Power button it comes up for a couple of seconds and gets power off immediately.

Need help.

Peter Godron
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Re: HP L 2000 Not Powering ON

does anything at all print to console ?

Things I would check in sequence:
Power leads
Power supplies
Connection to CPU/memory board

If all of these pass, you should have a system that will boot to theselect system disk section.

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Re: HP L 2000 Not Powering ON

Yes ,
All these work perfectly.But it comes for some four seconds and goes down .It gives the messages of LED in the console and imme goes off.

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Re: HP L 2000 Not Powering ON

Have you checked the GSP error log?
The GSP should respond even if the machine is OFF, as long as the chassis is physically receiving power.

Go to the system console (if using network/remote console, log in to the GSP and if necessary, press to get the console write access), press to get the GSP> prompt. Then type SL (for Show Logs), select E for Error, and press Enter for no filtering.

The GSP will display the most recent error log message first. You can get the next message by just pressing Enter. A major problem usually causes several messages: check the timestamps of the messages, and be sure to read all the messages that are recent enough to be relevant to the current problem.

If you can, capture the log messages to a text file: if there is a hardware problem, the messages can be attached to a service call to HP. It may help the HP engineers to pinpoint the reason of the problem.
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Re: HP L 2000 Not Powering ON

attached is the log of the GSP Console.


Robert-Jan Goossens
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Re: HP L 2000 Not Powering ON


Have a look at this doc (error 4, 3)

L2000 = RP5450


SOURCE: 4 = power
SOURCE DETAIL: 3 = low voltage DC power SOURCE ID: 0

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Re: HP L 2000 Not Powering ON


I suspect the Power Monitor to be faulty on the system,

Execute the service processor command PC...


If this doesnt cause the system Power LED to go on solid then its confirm that the issue to be with power monitor.

Would recommend you to get a case registered with HP and have it replaced.

Part Number : A5191-69210

Best Regards,
Joshua Scott
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Re: HP L 2000 Not Powering ON

Does this system have the required parts?

You need:
2 CPUs (or 1 CPU & 1 terminator module in the 2nd CPU slot)
1 Processor Support Module
1 Pair memory DIMMs

What is the part # on the CPUs & the processor support module? I would suspect that there is a mismatch between the PSM & CPUs.

What are the chances...
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Re: HP L 2000 Not Powering ON

It sounds like a problem with the processor support module or the power monitor board.
you might want to verify that the support module is the correct one, there are 2 support module high and low for diffrent Processors speed, haveing the wrong one can cause the same problem that you are having.

you can run the following 2 commands from the GSP:

GSP>PS (will give you the fans and power supply status)

GSP>SS (will provide the Processors information).


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Mridul Shrivastava
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Re: HP L 2000 Not Powering ON


I faced this problem many times when I was field engineer.. ( This is all practical experience.. you won't find it documented)..

It could be an issue with the Power switch PCB ( The one just behind the front door).. If you open the front door and press the ON/OFF switch using a pencil then server may boot if it hold the switch at the ON position.. ( which it is not doing now so it just pass the current for that fraction of seconds when u press switch..)..

If that is the case try the above mentioned menthod of powering it ON and arrange to get it replaced with HP asap.
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