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HP-PB 28696 SCSI Card Settings


HP-PB 28696 SCSI Card Settings

I have 2 28696 SCSI cards installed in a K250. They have come from different machines and I want to make sure that the switch settings on the cards do not conflict with each other. Can anyone give me details of each of the DIP switches as I cannot find any documentation anywhere?
Jeff Schussele
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Re: HP-PB 28696 SCSI Card Settings

Hi David,

I also can't seem to find the docs on-line, but I did find the part # for the manual - 28696-90001. Here's a link to the PartSurfer page to order it.


NOTE: I removed the trailing "=" on the URL as that usually causes weirdness with forum pages. I apologize if that breaks the link.

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Stefan Stechemesser
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Re: HP-PB 28696 SCSI Card Settings


I also could not find any internet location with the jumper settings. In an old (printed) manual, I found:

Switch Value
1 SCSI ID bit 0
2 SCSI ID bit 1
3 SCSI ID bit 2
4 SCSI ID bit 3
5 Parity on(1)/off(0)
6 set to 0
7 set to 0
8 set to 0

If you hold the card that the switch block is in the lower left corner, Switch 1 is left, "on" position is up. Internal termination is set with 3 resistor chips right of the switch block.

I hope this helps,

best regards

malvin drakley
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Re: HP-PB 28696 SCSI Card Settings

Hi David, you do not need to worry about the switch settings on your 28696's unless you are going to use a "high availability" system where you have one systems scsi id's set to 7 and the other to 6. The different positions in the back plane will give you your different addresses for your connected devices i.e 10/4/4 or 10/4/12.
hope this helps
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