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HP RP3440 Voltage Fault with Flashing Red

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HP RP3440 Voltage Fault with Flashing Red

I have a HP rp3440 but I can not boot with Flashing Red. When I access to MP port to view System Log with following details:


Log Entry 1: 18 Jul 2014 03:22:34
Alert Level 7: Fatal
Keyword: Type-02 020706 132870
Voltage Fault
Logged by: Baseboard Management Controller;
Sensor: Voltage - Power Good
Data1: transition to Non-recoverable
0x2053C892FA020020 00000607D6020300

Log Entry 2: 18 Jul 2014 03:22:48
Alert Level 2: Informational
Keyword: Type-02 127003 1208323
Chassis Control request to BMC via IPMI or sensor
Logged by: Baseboard Management Controller;
Sensor: System Event
Data2: OEM Code2: 0x07
0x2053C89308020030 0781A37000120300


I also checked Power Status but status was ok:


System Power state: Off
Temperature : Normal

Power supplies State
Power Supply 1 Normal
Power Supply 2 Normal

Fans State
Cooling 1 (Sys) Normal
Cooling 2 (Mem) Normal
Cooling 3 (Disk) Normal


Please help me what's problem with my server.

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Re: HP RP3440 Voltage Fault with Flashing Red

What this is saying is that the sensor that checks for overall system power is reporting a failure.  What this doesnt say is what the actual cause is.


If there are no other entries in the log then you will have to bring the system down to a minimal configuration  (one PS, no PCI cards, one CPU in slot 0, and no DIMMs).  If that works (it will fail with no memory, but should power on) then you can build it back up until you find a problem.


If that doesnt work, then try swapping out the Power Supply with the other one, trying each slot.  Next try the same with the CPU and power pod if you have another.


If all fails you may have a bad system board.


Good luck!



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