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HP S700/S800 System


HP S700/S800 System

Hi All,

Anyone please tell me what S700/S800 is in HP systems. What all I could find is, these are HP Processor code names. But are these specific to the architectures that HP supports i.e. PA-RISC or Itanium?

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Re: HP S700/S800 System


S700 - refer HP9000 workstation
s800 - refer HP9000 server

They are refering to PA-RISC, they are old legacy server name

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Re: HP S700/S800 System

Thanks WK for your reply.

If S700/S800 refer to PA-RISC only, then is it like the patches released for versions 11.23 (or any) which supports PA-RISC and Itanium architectures, are only for PA-RISC? And what about pathces for Itanium? or the same patches apply to both?

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Re: HP S700/S800 System

IMHO this naming is nowadays a name only.

In the past there were different versions of the OS (and patches) for 9000/700 Systems (workstations) and 9000/800 systems (servers).

Since 11.00 the same OS can run on both.

Regarding the patches:
there is either no difference in the files for pa-risc or itanium
both files are in the patch.
The installer will only install the matching file.

Example - the boot loader patch with a unique boot loader for both server families:

what(1) Output:

A.00.44 (3250) -- Mar 12, 2003
HP-UX PA bootloader Revision 2.020

IPF bootloader millicode 01.00
HP-UX IPF bootloader Revision 2.029
HP-UX release: NONE

Hope this helps!

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Re: HP S700/S800 System

Dennis Handly
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Re: HP S700/S800 System

>Torsten: there is either no difference in the files for PA-RISC or Integrity or both files are in the patch.

Or some patches only go on a unique architecture. I.e. the aC++ compiler.