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HP T600 Tape Booting


HP T600 Tape Booting

Hi Guys,

Can anybody teach me how to boot from tape using my ignite in a T600 machine.

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Re: HP T600 Tape Booting

Put in the tape in tape drive. Reboot the system. At boot sequence, interrupt it and on pdc prompt do sea ipl. This should show you root disk, tape device. Note down thr tape device id.

Then do bo p1 (assuming that p1 is tape device listsde when you did sea ipl)

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Steven E. Protter
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Re: HP T600 Tape Booting

@ the console


Interupt at the 10 second prompt


# the tape will be listed as a sequential device.

# if the sequential device is p6 then ....

bo p6

N Do not interact

You can still do keyboard intervention and get the Ignite Interface for customization.

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Re: HP T600 Tape Booting

hi guy,

sorry but i am refering to an old machine.
older than k-class. there is no such as "sea" command.

thanks again
Steve Lewis
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Re: HP T600 Tape Booting

You can boot direct from the hardware path.

Interrupt the auto-boot.
bo 1/2/3.4
where 1/2/3.4 is replaced by the hardware path of your tape drive as listed in ioscan.

If you cannot boot to do an ioscan (and you had not documented it) you can look at your backplane and work out what the path to the tape is, guessing the SCSI ID.
Typing IN IO is a starter, or else you can boot off the installation/recovery CD-ROM, run ODE / MAPPER to find the hardware path. I think it was called MAPPER anyway - I haven't had to use it in years.

Sยภเl Kย๓คг
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Re: HP T600 Tape Booting

After interrupting the autoboot at PDC menu use "bo " where HW_PATH is the hardware path to the tape drive.

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Andrew Rutter
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Re: HP T600 Tape Booting

hi, on the t classes when you boot the system you will need to type co on the console to get to see anything, then after its selftests have passed it will start to display on the screen. Stop the boot then if I remember right you will have to type
bo for boot, then the correct full hardware path of the tape drive.