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HP rp5430

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HP rp5430


I have a HP rp5430 server. I unfortunately do not have any unix knowledge. Can someone explain to me in detail the simplest way to check how much memory is installed and in which slots as we are considering upgrading memory ? I want to check this information without any downtime or interruption to the users. Thanks in advance
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Re: HP rp5430

You should have the STM diagnostics installed (it's available on your installation CD/DVD kit).

Type the following command as root, all on one line:

echo "selclass type memory; info; wait; infolog" | /usr/sbin/cstm

This command can be executed at any time: it does not cause any downtime or interruption.

The output should contain a "Memory Board Inventory". It is a table that lists each memory DIMM by location.

If I recall correctly, a rp5430 will have only one memory extender (EXT 0) and it has a total of eight DIMM slots. The slots must be filled in pairs, so they're identified as 0a/0b, 1a/1b, 2a/2b and 3a/3b.

The maximum memory configuration for model rp5430 is 8 GB.

The hardware is capable of using 16 GB, but to get that, you would have to get a "lockword upgrade" that modifies the model number of your current hardware to rp5470 and enables the second memory extender slot, 2 CPU sockets (to allow a maximum of 4 CPUs total) and a few PCI slots.

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Re: HP rp5430

echo "selclass qualifier memory; info; wait; infolog" | /usr/sbin/cstm

OR "dmesg|grep -i phy"

OR "top"

OR use "glance" command if u have it installaed. press M to get memory information.