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HP rp5450 cluster

HP RX4640
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HP rp5450 cluster

What would you need to cluster two identical HP A5191B / rp5450's as far as hardware and software goes?

Also if you want to have shared disk space for both servers what would you reccomend?

VA7100 with Dual controllers?
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Re: HP rp5450 cluster

If you already have a VA7100 and a switch (better 2) it would be good.

You will need a number of NICs (at least 2) and a license for service guard software.

Hope this helps!

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Tim D Fulford
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Re: HP rp5450 cluster

service guard

2 disks per server
at least two network cards per server
2 fibre cards per server

2 lan switches
2 fibre switches

You cannot "share" the disk space in the sense that both servers can access the same area of disk. But you will have to "share" the storage in an active passive sense.


Ian Vaughan
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Re: HP rp5450 cluster

Here's may take on a cheap & cheerful MCSG cluster:

The rp5430 comes with a core I/O so that's your heartbeat lan sorted.

An MSA30-MI can be used as shared storage - just set server-2's scsi contrrollers to use scsi id 6 not 7. Limits you to 12 rather than 14 disks. Limits you to only 2m scsi cables (IIRC).

Use a pair of PCI-X Ultra320/Gigabit cards per server. This gives a primary and standby lan and redundant links to your storage. Top six slots only for PCI-X.

You can of course spend way more on a fibre channel based solution but this is the cluster on a budget.

As far as software goes - HP-UX 11.11 or 11.23 Foundation O.E. patched up to date, MC-serviceguard 11.16, Mirrordisk-UX, Online-JFS.

Oh, and you'll need a way to keep you users, password & groups etc syncronized - a script from cron will do it.

For an "active-active" shared space NFS is the only answer on HP-UX until MCSG 11.17 is widely available with Veritas Cluster file system.
Best read up on it to see if "active-active" accessible from both hosts at once is what you want.
Hope this helps
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