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HP9000/340 problem

Honored Contributor

HP9000/340 problem

Hello folks,

Can anyone please help me out !!!
I have a HP9000/340 machine running a CAD application. Its not booting and I found out that theres problem with its monitor whose model no is HP98785A. I wish to buy a new monitor but am unable to get the part number of the monitor. Can anyone help me in getting the part no as without it the vendor is unable to supply a monitor. Also does anyone know wihch other monitor would work for the HP9000/340 system ? I searched the HP partsurfer site but it provides part nos for spares but not for the monitor itself. the specs of the monitor are : RGB bnc connector 1024x768 , sync on green ( this is important)

Please help me

Elmar P. Kolkman
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Re: HP9000/340 problem

Wow, someone still using one...
When I was looking for info on my hp9000/300 systems I found a lot of information on them through the NetBSD links. Perhaps it will help you find the info you need too, though some of the hardware links seem to have gone.

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Leif Halvarsson_2
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Re: HP9000/340 problem

Wich CAD application are you using, is there no version for a more modern OS ? It mey be easier then finding a new monitor ?
malvin drakley
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Re: HP9000/340 problem

Acoording to the HP Partsurfer the part number is 98785A, so that is all you should need, but as already mentioned it might be difficult to get one. The individual parts are all listed so if you knew which part was not working the part numbers are all there. I have keyed 98785A into Google and there are lots of references to that monitor so you may be able to get one
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Stan Sieler
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Re: HP9000/340 problem

If you still need help, you might post your
question on the Classic Computer Collector
mailing list (CCTECH). Info on joining
the list at http://www.classiccmp.org/lists.html

There are a fair number of HP computer
collectors there, and they may have
answers and/or spare parts.

Or, if you want me to post there, drop
me a line. sieler@allegro.com
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Re: HP9000/340 problem

Thanks Elmer thanks for your instant reply , I tried the site but details related to that monitor were not there ,anyway thanks a lot.

Also Stan thanks a lot I will try the site and if still have problem let you know. Thanks for your kind help.

Thankx everyone.
Bill Hassell
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Re: HP9000/340 problem

This is a very old and obsolete system so replacement monitors will be very difficult to find. There will be no new monitors as they went out of production more than 10 years ago. A search through Google shows a couple of hits:



The (relatively) newer A4032A and A4033A monitors should work as they support multiple frequencies (the 98785A is a single frequency only).

Bill Hassell, sysadmin