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HP9000 K220 CPU Issues

Alexsha Muck
Occasional Advisor

HP9000 K220 CPU Issues

As the topic reads, I have an HP9000 K220. I have 4 CPU cards for this thing. 2 that came with it when I bought it from Boeing and 2 that I bought online. Running these CPUs one at a time in slot 0 to test if they work, I get the following results:

(CPU 1 & 2 are the originals, 3 & 4 are the ones I bought separately)

CPU1 -> does not boot, remains at "proceeding to turn on DC"
CPU2 -> does not boot, remains at "proceeding to turn on DC"
CPU3 -> boots and begins self tests
CPU4 -> boots and begins self tests

Now here's the REALLY odd part... if I plug CPUs 1 or 2 into slot 1 with NOTHING in slot 0, they will both boot and begin self tests. Also, with CPUs 1 & 2 both plugged in (slots 0 and 1) the system will boot, but it will start throwing FLTs (which I am working on writing down today).

Any ideas? Are CPUs 1 & 2 bad? Is there something wrong with Slot 0?
Jeff Schussele
Honored Contributor

Re: HP9000 K220 CPU Issues

Hi Alexsha,

According to the HW manual:


There *must* be a CPU in slot #0 to boot. So I'd say swap them around unitl you find the CPU(s) - that when in slot #0 causes a boot failure. Those would have to be bad IF they're seated properly.
BTW - did you verify that the ones you bought are the same (or faster) speed as your original CPUs.
Whatever CPU is in slot #0 is the *monarch* CPU and ALL other CPUs *must match (or exceed) it.

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