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HP9000 L3000 (rp5470) Power Requirements

Cresswell Williams
Frequent Advisor

HP9000 L3000 (rp5470) Power Requirements

Hi Experts

How many power supplies can fail on the L3000 before it completely dies? And how many power supplies should it have to boot?

And lastly, can you remove one power supply if it has two power supplies (power inlets) and how will this affect the machine?

Thank you
Ron Irving
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP9000 L3000 (rp5470) Power Requirements

Good afternoon!!

The rp5470, (L3000,) will run on 2, or even 1 power supply. It requires at least 2 to boot though.

The power inlets are directly connected to each corresponding power supply, (ie. the inlet on the far right will connect to the power supply on the far right, etc.)

Hope this helps.
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Joshua Scott
Honored Contributor

Re: HP9000 L3000 (rp5470) Power Requirements

The rp5470 shipped standard with 2 power supplies, and a 3rd was required for redundancy.

I think that the rp5470 may continue to run with only 1 power supply, as long as it has a lower-end configuration (2 CPUs, 1 memory carrier). I would recommend that you go with 3 if you need redundancy.

2 is the minimum to start up, I believe.
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