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HP9000 Superdome HA with RP7410

Nichole Teh
Occasional Visitor

HP9000 Superdome HA with RP7410

Hi gurus,

May I know if high availability (with HP Service Guard) can be done between HP9000 Superdome with RP7410?

Are there any major constraints? Any hardware/software constraints or compatibilty problems?

I am not a hardware person. I need advice on during failover, will the application installed on the shared disk running on RP7410 will be properly failover to the HP9000 Superdome server ?

I guess the mount points are similar among RP7410 and HP Superdome server. Please correct me if i am wrong.

Please advice.

Re: HP9000 Superdome HA with RP7410

Broadly speaking, yes you can do this - both systems will run the same versions of HP-UX and will broadly support the same IO cards etc.

Of course a Superdome will scale up to 64 CPU sockets, whereas the rp7410 only goes to 8.

Mount points are irrelevant and can usually be changed anyway, unless your developers are so utterly useless they hard code mount file locations in there applications (not unheard of unfortunately).



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