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HP9000 V2500 Server

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HP9000 V2500 Server


I have a planned shutdown of the Server,due to
the fact they want me to remove the External
Disk enclosure which houses the Boot disk for
the V2500,They want me to install this in a newer type of rack which is fine.My question is
the power on sequence.The test station must be on first but i have read that you need to turn the server before the external boot disk is the
case or should it be the other way around boot disk then Server.

Many Thanks,


Christopher Rupnik
Valued Contributor

Re: HP9000 V2500 Server

Boot your external disks first, then boot the test station, then turn on the V-class.

A safe effective procedure that will never let your down.

Stefan Stechemesser
Honored Contributor

Re: HP9000 V2500 Server


Christophers procedure sounds like the best procedure and will work safely.
Here some additional information:
From what I know, there is no power on sequence. Of cause, the bootdisk must be on to boot from it, but I do not think that it makes a difference what is turned on first.
The test station is not needed to boot or run a V-Class. It is only used for console access, troubleshooting, firmware update, status information and console+error logging. It is recomended to have it on all the time to have analytic data in case of problems, but you can turn it off without impacting the V-class. You can also attach a serial console to the V-Class serial port if you have a dead teststation to get console access.

best regards

Super Advisor

Re: HP9000 V2500 Server


Thanks very much for your reply,I do not intend to turn the Test station so i will
boot the disk then V class i would persume
this should work fine.

Zygmunt Krawczyk
Honored Contributor

Re: HP9000 V2500 Server


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