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HP9000 failing to boot

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HP9000 failing to boot

I have inherited a HP9000 (RP3410), which after being moved to a different rack fails to start up.  


I have connected to it via a serial crossover cable and am in the MP console.  When I go to the console to try and go into the BCH, I get the title 'Live Console' and nothing more.


I have gone into the 'Live log viewer' and can see the following last entry when I power on the server:


SFW 0 0 0x160012CF00E00000 000044007800000E MPS_CPU_WAITING
SFW 0 0 0x160012D000E00000 0000440078000000 MPS_CPU_WAIT_OVER
SFW 0 0 0x160012CB00E00000 0000000000000000 MPS_SLAVE_WAKEUP_ALL
SFW 0 0 0x0100133000E00000 0000000000000000 MEM_TEST_TESTING_MEMORY_RANGE
SFW 0 0 0x1600131C00E00000 0000000010000000 MEM_TEST_REREAD
SFW 0 0 0x0F00131D00E00000 0000000000000000 MEM_TEST_REREAD_BARGRAPH
SFW 0 2 0x448000A700E02A40 FFFFFFFF000AFF74 MEM_CORR_ERR
20 Feb 2012 15:29:51
SFW 0 0 0x0100132700E00000 00000000000C9500 MEM_ADDRESS_DATA
SFW 0 0 0x0300132800E00000 D45C46420F2E3B98 MEM_DATA_DATA
SFW 0 0 0x0300048100E00000 0000000000000000 MEM_SYNDROME_DATA
SFW 0 0 0x0300048100E00000 000000A800000000 MEM_SYNDROME_DATA
SFW 0 2 0x4E8000D500E02A60 00000000000C9503 MEM_PDT_DUP_ENTRY


I'm not sure whether this is an error, but on the basis that nothing is coming up from the console, I would suspect so.




Re: HP9000 failing to boot

Hi Jhanby,


0x448000A700E02A40 FFFFFFFF000AFF74 MEM_CORR_ERR


I could see 0A DIMM has some issues.




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Re: HP9000 failing to boot

Hi Surendar,


Thanks for the reply.  I thought as much.


We have discovered that we haev an itaniumum machine hidden away which we have resurected and will be using instead.



John H