HPE 9000 and HPE e3000 Servers
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HP9000 migration question

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HP9000 migration question

Can you tell me if all my licenses can be transferred from HP9000 servers to Integrity servers. Not just the HP-UX ones but Oracle and other ISV licenses ?

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Re: HP9000 migration question

HP does allow transfer of licenses from HP9000 servers to Integrity servers.

The attached document gives an overview of the rules.

Your account manager or channel partner should be able to give you chapter and verse on how many new licenses you will get in exchange for old ones, but in general, 2 old per core licenses will get you a socket worth with the current Quad core. Note you must have all the current software on support and documented on the support contract.


I understand Oracle offer a similar arrangement, although their generosity may not be as good :)


Other ISVs usually can be persuaded to do transfers as well even if it is not on their official price book.

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Re: HP9000 migration question

I've attached a 20-pp white paper on Oracle Migrations from HP9000 to HP Integrity systems.  On the last page, several Oracle "My Support" citations are noted, there may be information or links there that cover license trade-up/migration. 

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Re: HP9000 migration question

You should plan for (ask for) some overlap of licenses for the testing phase of your transition.   You will want to spend some time comparing test results between the old platform and the new platform.

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Re: HP9000 migration question

Further to info provided by Dennis and other experts...


Specific applications may check for platform info in various ways to enforce license. MF Cobol is a good example which uses licenses tied to macine id / searial number. Transferring these licenses to another system / platform is non-trivial. Similay other applications may tie licenses to system unique attributes. It is best to check with respective ISVs on license tranfer terms for LTU/RTU licenses and how to transfer the licenses (if applicable). Please note that number of applicable licenses may change depending on core factor depending on application and ISV.