HPE 9000 and HPE e3000 Servers
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HP9000 - to- Cisco 3662 via X.25

New Member

HP9000 - to- Cisco 3662 via X.25


I have a HP9000 that is making a call to a Cisco 3662 with xot. The call is connecting but is immediately clearing with a Cause Code 0 and Diag 0 (DTE orginated\No further Information Avaiable).

Has anyone else seen this problem. I can use another piece of equipment to connect to the Cisco 3662 via xot and everything works normally.

The only difference between the HP9000, which is not working properly, and the other equipment that is working properly is that the HP9000 is sending the source id/calling from address where the other equipment does not send the address the call is originating from.