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HPMC Chassis Code on RP3440

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Re: HPMC Chassis Code on RP3440

1. Chassis cod

You can open an HP support ticket to request the HPMC PIM decoding. They use the special tool to decode PIM. There are no customer tools to decode the chassis code.



A fact is that the system failed with HPMC in 2010. If you tak a look at the memory error log information, it appears some timeout error was detected. I assume it caused HPMC. HP support engineer can help you to identify the root cause..


--------------  Memory Error Log Information  --------------
Timestamp =   Fri Jan  29 03:07:27 GMT 2010    (20:10:01:29:03:07:27)

  OV  RQ  RS      ESTAT      A  C  D  corr  unc  fe  cw  pf
  --  --  --      -----      -  -  -  ----  ---  --  --  --
  X       X    ERR_TIMEOUT