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HPUX Initialisation

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HPUX Initialisation

Good day, I am starts exploring the process of initialise a server.  I do not knowing where should I start for initialise an old server which do not have ODD.

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Re: HPUX Initialisation

What's the model of the server you're planning to "initialise"? Are you planning to reinstall HP-UX or is your goal just to wipe the disks?

In general, there might be two options:

- connect an external SCSI CD/DVD drive to the system and use it for booting the system

- if you have an Ignite-UX server set up, it might be possible to boot from network for installing a new OS or restoring an Ignite backup.

If you have another server with the same hardware model, and it has Ignite recovery tools installed on it (or you can install them), then you could generate an Ignite recovery tape on that server and use the tape to overwrite the current OS on the server you wish to initialize.

Depending on what exactly you're planning to do with that server, this might or might not also be useful to you: