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HSC adapter

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Vince Moore
Occasional Advisor

HSC adapter

Is there any 3rd Party provider that has a gigabit ethernet adapter with copper connection for use in a D-class server?
Norco Computer Systems Inc. Contact: Vince Moore 800-892-1920 x526
rick jones
Honored Contributor

Re: HSC adapter

I don't think any third-parties made HSC Gigabit Ethernet NICs, only HP. I doubt we sell them any longer, but the used equipment dealers might.

Unless you have a rather high-end D Class, you won't really get all that much from a Gigabit NIC anyhow. And even the high-end D Class with the 240 MHz PA-8200 isn't exactly going to be a barn-burner. Trunking a dual-port HSC 100BT NIC with APA would probably get just as good performance. The HP GBE NIC did have the advantage of offering checksum offload support, but the HSC NIC was based on a GBE chipset (Tigon 2) that wasn't all that good on small packets.
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