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Hardware Information of HP 9000 Superdome

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Re: Hardware Information of HP 9000 Superdome

hello Vineet,

later on if more details reqd u can follow the following links.

http://docs.hp.com/en/T1335-90098/T1335-90098.pdf --- the VPAR config guide and http://docs.hp.com/en/5991-1247B/ -- the Npartiton aadmin guide

basically an NPAR does not know whether this is being used as an entire Server or that Vpars are there on it. That i think u can know by the vparstatus command only if the VPARS are up and running on an NPAR and also regarding their configuration.

There can be tools .... but i am not aware.

But u can do that using commands and know if VPARS are running on the SD all or few or none NPARS.

from the MP/GSP of the SD when u give the command CO , u are prompted for the partition number that u want to access the COnsole , thus u can have an idea how many NPARS are there configured on the SD.

now choose the NPAR from the GSP u want to view the CO and u can reach the VPAR that this NPAR is running.
to navigate between the various NPARS u can use the CTRL+B combination.


will list all the NAPRS in the system and if u wish to have the NPAR level information u can give the command

#parstatus -w

shows the ptn no of the NPAR that u are logged on to say u r logged on to par no 0
then this will show 0.

from any of the NPAR u can give the following commands know about the NPAR based iformation.

#parstatus -p 0
#parstatus -p 1
where 0,1 etc are the partiotion numbers.

once u know about the NPAR level information ,then u can kpg on to that NPAR and give the command like

this will show u all the VPARs that are local to that NPAR.

u can use options like -v for verbose and -p etc to add to the detail of the VPARS on that NPAR.

Then u log on the other NPAR and give
this shall list the VPARS on this NPAR.

Then for these VPARs u can give the commands like
#vparstatus -v -p

to know about the CPU, Memory and IO and all informations for a VPAR on this NPAR.

u can continue like that knowing how the SD NPAR and the VPARS on that NPAR are congigured.

I accept that can be a tedious job.

however an NPAR not running VPAR or a VPAR is just like a HP -Machine running an OS and once u are logged on to that OS, u can run cstm , print_manifest etc normally.

there are two commands that u can also give from the CM that is command menu of the SD that will list u the NPAR information or how the NPARS have been distributed in the SD Complex.

these are cp and io



these show u which cells and which IO chassis are the parts of the SD and how in a concise presentation they are configired.

more u can watch the manpages of the command parststus anf vparstatus.

also for detail on the Node partions and the Virtual Partiotions u can refer to the NPAR and VPAR config and admin guides.


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Re: Hardware Information of HP 9000 Superdome

Have a look at the system management homepage of one running instance and go to the npar manager. This will draw you a nice picture about the complex with many additional informations.

Hope this helps!

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