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Hardware Upgrade from D200 to newer systems

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John Welsh_2
Regular Advisor

Hardware Upgrade from D200 to newer systems

I need to upgrade from D200's and C110's
to new or newer platforms and still run HP UX
10.20. The new systems will have to support a hardware RAID controller using internal or external new 36GB LVD disks ( 5 of ). Any suggestions for the new config ?
Honored Contributor

Re: Hardware Upgrade from D200 to newer systems

HP-UX 10.20 is no more in support.
All the new hardwares supports minimum 11.00
You cannot install 10.20 (32 bit)on any new hardware (64 bit).

Think of migrating your applications for hp-ux 11.x

If that's not posible you can go for remarketed K-Class server or similar.

Up to my knowledge none of these servers supports LVD disk. (All are differential)

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Re: Hardware Upgrade from D200 to newer systems

Hi John
Im not sure about the LVD (meaning I dont remember seeing LVD intefaces in boxes that can support to run hpux 10.20.)
For you 10.20 upgrade I believe you will have to look for a broker for refurbished boxes...
The uprade would be to go to a PA8000 processor that can support 32 bit and 64 bit OS (to my knowledge the highest would be PA-8200).
The boxes these were in are D280 K280(maybe) dont know but believe D380, K380 and K580..
No L class support 10.20
About DXXX and KXXX they did have external scsi cards but as said previously I never seen LVD... Ihave heard of some adapters that would convert though...
I recently went for a K580 with 4 HVD scsi interface on it and extra 100Mb FD Ethernet card

Works well...

All the best
P.S. add enough memory then... (2GB)
Jesse Dougherty
Honored Contributor

Re: Hardware Upgrade from D200 to newer systems

Hi John, there are 100 different options that you can go with to stay with 10.20 and increase your performance within a tight budget. Your best hardware server upgrade and keep the HP-UX 10.20 (in my opinion) would be to stay with the D class line, The best in that line is the D390-2 way box (2 x 240MHz CPU's PA-8200), if you got that box you could also move all of your internal peripherals from the D200 (depending on what type of drives you have) over to the D390 and save a little cash. As for replacing the C110 workstations... my HP-UX operating system matrix only goes up to the 9000/J5600 PA-8600 workstations but it looks like you can use any PA-7000 up to PA-8600 RISC CPU's with the HP-UX 10.20. A good, fast, & inexpensive visualize workstation that supports 10.20 would be the J5000 and the D390's are all found on ebay.

You can get the LVD cards on the 9000/Visualize workstations but on the D class the best you can get is a Fiber Channel interface card.

If you can move up to 11.00 or 11i, then the sky and your budget is the limit as to what hardware you can get.

Hope this helps
Ted Buis
Honored Contributor

Re: Hardware Upgrade from D200 to newer systems

I don't think 10.20 had support for any hardware raid cards ever. Workstations don't support hardware raid cards, but there were some 64 bit workstations that at one time did support 10.20, like the b2600.
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Joshua Scott
Honored Contributor

Re: Hardware Upgrade from D200 to newer systems

The best system you can have running 10.20 is a K580 with 6 CPUs and 8GB Memory. the 12H array can have up to 12 36GB Drives, but it is not LVD.

Also, the K580 can connect to an FC60 (up to 60 73GB LVD Drives), but the connection is 2 Fibre Channel connections.

What are the chances...
John Welsh_2
Regular Advisor

Re: Hardware Upgrade from D200 to newer systems

Thanks to everone who responded.

There is a total lack of information available from HP regarding older HP 9000

It is as if HP didn't exist before it
purchased Compaq.

There is a need for an HP 9000 equivalent of
the Alpha Supported Options List. The Alpha
list has each Alpha system listed with what
options are supported ( inc part #'s ) and
what Operating systems are supported for the
system and each of the options. Try to
find that level of info for a D200 for
instance - a major task.